Robocop 2014 riding a Kawasaki Ninja Z1000?

Could you believe that Robocop went with a Kawasaki Z1000!! Well apparently that’s what the producers wanted, Kawasaki. Have you seen the movie? Here is a sneak peak if not. In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop – is critically injured in the line of duty, the […]



Look Twice, Save a Life

Our season is here, Riding Season!! Motorcycle Awareness is very important and no one knows it more than we do. Share your feelings and remind everyone around you that they should Look Twice, Save a Life. Blind spots, drowsiness, fatigue, and stupidity are just a few of the reasons motorcyclists must be aware on the […]

As a car driver, what can you do to make the roads safer for motorcycles? 1

As a motorcyclist you have a different perspective on the road. You are more self-aware, vigilant, prompt, and an overall better motorist on the road. You have the best of both worlds knowing what it is like to be behind the wheel and the handlebars. We say every motorists should have to take a motorcycle […]


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Places to ride in New York City

  Do you Ride New York? This blog is about some of the amazing places in New York. No exact addresses because New York is a place to be explored. Sometimes you just need a little direction and just go. Here are some places that we have found to be particularly interesting.   When is […]

Testing Your Battery for Parasitic Load 1

Parasitic Drain is one of the most common battery destroyers!! What is parasitic drain? Parasitic drain is a load put on a battery with the key in the OFF position.  Most of today’s motorcycles come from the factory with clocks, engine management computers, alarm systems, etc. And what do we do when we get our motorcycles home? […]